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It’s Here: WPC {2011 edition}

Finally. The list has been prepped and published. The Flickr group has been made. Jason is cheering on the masses. IView full post »

Reminder: WPC {2011 edition}

This time next week, the new Weekly Photo Challenge {2011 edition} list will hit the interweb and the first subject willView full post »

The DL On The WPC {2011 edition}

I almost feel like one of the cool kids using acronyms but I realize that I only did to save room on the title lineView full post »

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Mission Complete

It really came about because of my Big Bro. Thanks Big Bro. After searching the web to get an idea of how others hadView full post »

Week 52: Mail

I’d like to start this post by saying that Mrs. Rev told me that “mail” was a “lame”View full post »

Week 51: Pencil

It should be no surprise (zero, nil, nada) that I turned to my colored pencils for this challenge. I mean, I gave theseView full post »

Week 50: Bicycle

I thought the thing that would help me with this challenge was perspective. I had planned to hop on my Huffy and rideView full post »

Week 49: Pink

There’s really not that much pink stuff around me. Little bits here and there but for the most part, not thatView full post »

Week 48: Grass

I feel like a cop out. A doggin prances past me and the camera starts firing. All by itself. OK… lies, but IView full post »

Week 47: Fruit

I’ve made a lot of tequila lime chicken lately [PW’s recipe here]. Because it’s good. And becauseView full post »

Week 46: Down

A year is a really long time to do something. I know that there are people out there that have been doing 365 projectsView full post »

Week 45: Hat

I don’t even know how to start this post. An explanation would probably be best. Let me just say that this weekView full post »

Week 44: Purple

I’m not gonna lie: I slacked this week. On a color challenge. Don’t worry – I’m disappointedView full post »

Week 43: Button

Shirt button. Belly button. Button nose. Start button. End button. On button. Off button. Electronic swivel new-View full post »

Week 42: Bridge

This week’s challenge entry was made possible thanks to Paco. Paco, my point and shoot camera. I haven’tView full post »

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