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Week 41: Hot

Hot temps.  Hot heat.  Hot stuff.  Lotsa hotness. Me?  Not so hot.  Actually, I’m freezing to death.  Why isView full post »

Week 40: Skyline

I. Am. So. Lazy. I had a plan. I told myself to stick with the plan. Monday came around and I threw said plan out theView full post »

Week 39: Black

I love color challenges. Whatever color it may be, my eyes are drawn to it all week long. And I keep thinking ofView full post »

Week 38: Music

I’m sick of saying it but it’s true: I am stumbling. I can’t even get my behind out of bed in theView full post »

Week 37: Hands

I’m beginning to think my creative cap has gone missing because I zilch this week. Since we were partying overView full post »

Week 36: Change

I hate waiting until the last minute. Not a fan of pressure. So on Monday, I sat myself down and told myself that weView full post »

Week 35: Smile

I wanted a face. And I didn’t really care whose face it was. I didn’t bring the kahuna to the office muchView full post »

Week 34: Orange

I never realize how often or how little I see certain colors until the color challenges. It really makes me see theView full post »

Week 33: Smell

You may not believe me but I did not take any photos of food for this week’s challenge.  Shocker, huh? I wantedView full post »

Week 32: Shoe

I’ve already began to lose count of how many times my co-workers have come to my rescue for the weekly photoView full post »

Week 31: Reflection

Reflection can be taken in so many different ways.  According to Google it can be all of the following: contemplation:View full post »

Week 30: Door Knob

Thirty weeks, guys.  Thirty straight weeks of sticking with something.  We should celebrate.  With green beer.  AnyView full post »

Week 29: Blue

I know that some people (like Mrs. Rev) don’t want to know the next subject until after she’s completed theView full post »

Week 28: Suitcase

I had a lot of fun with this challenge. The days are starting to get longer which makes shooting inside [out of theView full post »

Week 27: Puzzle

OK, so I already stole a glance at the flickr group, and well, all I gotta say is great minds think alike. With puzzle,View full post »

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