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Week 26: Up

Up. So many interpretations. Looking up: literally and metaphorically. Moving up: elevators and escalators and stairsView full post »

Week 25: Cards

So no house slippers today but that’s OK. Having a mouse to use with the lappy makes it all worth while. It&#View full post »

Week 24: Yellow

Welcome to Snoresville. Over the past few weeks, I’ve always had more fun with the color challenges. But not thisView full post »

Week 23: Lingerie

My intentions of starting the Weekly Photo Challenge was to push myself – to dust off the cobwebs and get theView full post »

Week 22: Eyes

You know when you get an idea and you try your hardest to create this idea in the real world? And then it doesn’tView full post »

Week 21: Toilet

OK. So I know it isn’t the best subject but it’s something you see [and utilize] a few times during the dayView full post »

Week 20: Fire

Man oh man.  Fire is tricky.  How do you get a cool shot without a) burning yourself or b) burning your house.  BothView full post »

Week 19: Brown

I love me some color challenges. You have more freedom when taking your shot. Do you like the entire frame to have theView full post »

Week 18: Feet

Talk about feeling like a freak with a fetish. I didn’t even start on this week’s challenge until SaturdayView full post »

Week 17: Road

Roads are everywhere so this week’s subject wasn’t hard to find. I’m very interested to see how theView full post »

Week 16: Cold

Brrrrr!  Actually, this morning it’s quite mild but windy as all get out.  The temp is supposed to drop to 35 byView full post »

Week 15: Fork

So when creating the Weekly Photo Challenge, I scoured the internet looking at other’s lists of subjects. AndView full post »

Week 14: Green

This is our third color challenge so far. I really like the color challenges. There’s more room for playing withView full post »

Week 13: Water

Water and I are not friends. Only because I had such a hard time setting up shots.View full post »

Week 12: Zipper

There are so many things that can be left to the imagination when working with a subject like zipper. So many. And soView full post »

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