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Photo Challenge Spotlights: Candy

First, a quick shout of appreciation – Thank you Ashleigh from work for nabbing Charlie’s jumper cables andView full post »

Week 11: Candy

Again, another uninspiring week. Only this time I didn’t pull through at the end. Nope. All of my candy shotsView full post »

Week 10: Time

Although I had a bazillion “time” ideas for this week’s challenge, they all looked horrible. Watch faces, clocks,View full post »

Week 9: White

I’ve decided I like the color challenges best. This is the second one so far and I have more fun thinking upView full post »

Photo Challenge Spotlights

Don’t people know the early bird gets the worm?? Challengers are slacking this week. But the few that areView full post »

Week 8: Speed

Speed! When I think of speed, I think of all the crazy idiots that drive I-465 IN as if they were driving in theView full post »

Week 7: Map

Maps were kind of hard to find, no?  We have a few hanging around our office, I saw a couple on a walk in big brother&#View full post »

Week 6: Book(s)

I had so many ideas for books this week, all scribbled down in my notebook but it was my big bro that said “addView full post »

Week 5: Medicine

I don’t want to look at another pill for at least a few weeks. I had pills set up in every kind of still life youView full post »

Week 4: Red

Can you believe I had over 200 photos of “red” subjects? I took pictures of everything is this city thatView full post »

Week 3: Window

Three weeks down – I’d say we’re doing pretty good so far. I had a tough time finding a shot that IView full post »

Week 2: Cocktail

So far so good! I enjoyed this week’s subject. Every single one of them. As a wise person once said [this weekView full post »

Week 1: Chair

And we’re off! I’ve had mixed emotions about the photo challenge. I tell myself it shouldn’t be hardView full post »

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