A Three Day Hiatus

Since the blog was born, three days is the longest I’ve gone without a post.  It’s new and fun, I’m enjoying experimenting with my camera, sharing my photos and profound wisdom, and it’s new and fun.  So while I had Friday off from work thanks to a little thing called “flex week” [where we cram 40 hours into 4 days to enjoy an additional day off for a holiday weekend], I was busy getting things ready for our little weekend adventure: camping.  The hubs and I accepted an invitation from friends who have a camping lot by Rough River and we were looking forward to doing a whole bunch of nothing with them.

So after the grocery shopping, the gathering of camping goods and watching the hubs pack the car, we headed off to eMohn’s to follow each other to Rough River.  And since we were leaving just around dinner time, the sun began to set, yummy light was playing through the trees, and I had to take pictures while on the road.  I also have proof that eMohn can’t stay between the yellow lines while pulling a camper.

Rough River: The Journey

The four us (eMohn, sheMohn, the hubs and I) stayed in that pop-up camper.  And though the quarters were tight (even just for sleeping), I was very grateful for the camper on Saturday night when it rained like cats and dogs.  It POURED like you wouldn’t believe.  Thank goodness our hosts brought Apples to Apples because it made the time fly by.  OK, it didn’t because I had to go #1 real bad and finally darted out in the rain to get it over with.

Rough River: The Journey

Anywho, we were cutting it close as we wanted to arrive before dark so we could set up this camper.  Never mind that all of our stomachs were growling, the camper was the priority.

Rough River: The Journey

And we made it in the nick of time.  You can see the sun starting set behind that hill over there.  That’s one thing I love about Kentucky, everything is green and the hills are abundant.  They make beautiful silhouettes.  And they make me carsick.  TGFD: Thank Goodness For Dramamine.

I’ll definitely post more photos of our getaway.  I first have to sort through the 732 pictures that I took.  There’ll be some of Rough River of course and it looks like I got some badass shots of the campfire.  Time [sorting through all of these pictures] will tell, my friends.

September 9, 2009 - 9:41 pm

Laura - LOL @ sheMohn. I like it!

My Sweet Tooth Is Showing

My sugar crave has been in overload this week.  I already shared my face planting strawberry shortcake experience.  I was up for a repeat performance last night but thought I’d save the last twinkie cake for the hubs.  Because I’m nice like that.  But I NEEDED something sweet.  Stat.

Then genius struck.

Enter stage left: Vanilla Ice Cream.

Rootbeer Float

Sweet, smooth vanilla ice cream.  Me and ice cream are good pals, we’re like BFFs.  There are rarely ways to improve a good icecream but to name a few 1) a spoon, 2) my mouth, 3) peanut butter (I put peanut butter on everything).  None of these come close to the awesomeness that was about to take place in my kitchen.

Enter stage right: Barq’s Root Beer.

Rootbeer Float

Diet Barq’s even.  That makes it better for me, right?  Like I said, G-E-N-I-U-S.  I love me some [diet] root beer float!

Look at that delightful marriage between the two: long-time friends but sweethearts for life.  A sissy-stick is definitely necessary to get the full “root beer float effect.”  Why sport a [diet] root beer float mustache if you don’t have to?

Rootbeer Float

Perfection.  This doesn’t happen to often in my house. I’m totally serious about that.  Especially in the kitchen.

Rootbeer Float

Now, how do you say “put your face in it” in French?  That way it will sound fancy.

Btown And Back: A Days Journey

Yesterday (Tuesday), I had to drive to Bloomington for work – my company is headquartered there and my team (most of whom live in Btown) was having a face-to-face meeting with my client.  To make the trip more enjoyable (not that client meetings aren’t  a grand time… because they are), I thought I’d take pictures with my p&s on the way there and back.  Which turned out to be a fun idea considering the construction was horrible.  I don’t know what it is about summer and Indiana, but those dang orange barrels and 45 MPH signs are everywhere!  Only they have these little flashy things on every surface now.  It’s like bringing the carnival to the interstate.

Bright and early, I set off across the Kennedy bridge for what should have been a fairly simple 2 hour drive.  Pah!  Should is the key word.  But the light was nice.

Btown & Back

Even though it’s hard to make out, this is my favorite sight on I-65.  It’s a horse farm and its red barns are so pristine and inviting.  I want to take pictures there.  Maybe I can negotiate…

Btown & Back Btown & Back

Unfortunately, there is no direct route to Btown, so I had to follow this lovely 2-lane highway for quite awhile.  Which isn’t bad unless you get stuck behind a semi-truck going up the hill.  Then it sucks.

Btown & Back

And I get to see a lot of these.  I was in Indiana.  That’s what they have in Indiana.

For you city folk, we call that corn.

Btown & Back

I had to drive through Gnaw Bone (all of 3 minutes).  Gnaw Bone.  I giggle every time.  You say it a few times.  It’s fun.

And then I got to my destination.  I visited with my Hoosier co-workers [that were disappointed that I didn’t bring bourbon balls] and prepared for my meeting.  We met, all was merry, I did my follow-ups and then I packed up my desk to return home.  Little did I know it would take 3 hours.  Too bad I don’t get to take on some extra $$ to add to that mileage.  Hmm… so… Marie… how’s it going?  You having a good day? :)

After driving down the huge hill of IN-46, I had to wait at a stop light for 20 minutes.  It felt like 100 minutes.  Talk about uber-boring.  So I pulled out the camera and played with the macro settings in the car.  I really like the macro on this little doodad – it does pretty well for being a p&s.

Btown & Back

Btown & Back

Btown & Back

The driving part of the trip was not fun.  At all.  At least I didn’t get carsick this time.

But you know what’s great about leaving town for the day?

Btown & Back

Coming home.

Btown & Back

Week 2: Cocktail

So far so good!

I enjoyed this week’s subject.  Every single one of them.   As a wise person once said [this week] “it’s in the name of science.”  So true, so true.

Here is my cocktail:

Week 2: Cocktail

This here is a mojito.  From a local restaurant called Mojito.  Cuban Tapas.  Two words: more please.  The cocktail was good, yes yes, but the food.  OMG, the food.  *eyes rolling to the back of my head*

My cocktail came with a sidekick:

Week 2: Side Kick

Guacamole and plantain chips.  Nom nom nom!!!!  Of course, I needed more food that this though, so I had a mini-steak and mashed-up taters.  And it was so good.  And I ate some of Mel’s sweet potato fries with honey and fall-off-the-bone pork.  And I ate some of Mrs. Rev’s cheesy goodness and chicken kabobs.  Don’t worry, I shared too.  Anyway, I know good food when I taste it and by golly, this was out of this world.  When can we go back, guys??  Because I want that Sandwich Cubano – they “get” pork.  Which in a way makes them by best friend.  Because I’m pork’s biggest fan.  Hey now, don’t hate the bacon.

Moving on, next week’s subject is “window”.  Just let me know if you want to be added to the Challenger Roll on el blogo.  And a Flickr pool has been so you can join there too if you like: shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge.  Or you can just view it.  No diggity, no doubt.

Another Introduction: The Hubs

I know that I have buddies that check out the blog (PS-love you for that, friends) but I’ve noticed that there are others who visit and I have absolutely no idea who you are.  I know this because only a few of my pals admit that they visit.  And I figured since I’ve already introduced my doggins, I should introduce my betrothed, my beloved, my other half: The Hubs.

His name is Mike but on the internet I call him “the hubs” because there are so many Mikes out there that it only takes one bad apple named Mike to spoil the bunch.  Besides, “the hubs” is super cute.  And so is he.  Too bad he’s being incompliant this week and will not let me take pictures of him.  I have to be sneaky which I’m not good at.  He usually manages to make a face just in time for the click.  Boo.

This is the best photo I have of the hubs.  And he has sunglasses and a litre of bier hiding half his face.

Oktoberfest 2008

But isn’t that one half super cute?!?  Yep, that’s my hunny.  We were at Oktoberfest partaking in the festivities.  Too bad we forgot our traditional Bavarian clothes.  The biergarten made up for our lack of lederhosen.

We met in college – it was my freshman year, his first junior year.  And I was smitten.  He’s incredibly intelligent, though he still manages to do stupid things (I blame this on being a dude).  He’s easy on the eyes, though he makes stupid faces for my pictures.  He’s a good time no matter the occasion, unless it involves children.  I love him.

What do I love best about the hubs?  That he puts up with the fact that I tell bad jokes, can’t cook very well, sing every song that comes on the radio and keep 20 bottles of girly goo in the shower.  He puts up with me.  I bet it’s hard.

Yep, he’s a keeper.

September 1, 2009 - 1:52 pm

Joseph - Boo,
Glad to see he has taken to only drinking one or two glasses of beer a night.


September 9, 2009 - 5:05 pm

denise:) - I knew that was an Oktoberfest mas steiner!! Isn’t that the best party ever? He IS adorable!!

September 9, 2009 - 5:15 pm

shutterboo - They have the same mugs at the Hof House in Newport, KY. But you won’t find any singing Spaniards in Northern Kentucky. It was a good time.

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