The Hamilton Sisters {family} | Part II

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Yesterday I told you all about these three wonderful families.  But the kids deserve a post all their own.

I’m in love with these kids.  All five of them.  Kim did a phenomenal job filling me on how they tick, pieces of their personalities before we met and just minutes into the session, I knew she hit the nail on the head.  Each child was so different but there was love between all of them, a sense of caring and knowing they belonged to each other.  Cousins have a way of effecting you without you knowing it.

Maya was kind of quiet, but definitely has the older sibling, take on things approach.  She stood up, took charge, led by example and just smiled away.  Her happiness shined through all her photos and seeing her with her youngest cousin was quite special.

Isaac, like most five year olds, are in the moment one second and then out of it the next.  I had to get him to warm up to me, but talking superheros totally worked.  Turned out he was going to be Superman for Halloween.

Hannah, the oldest of the bunch, is strong-willed and not afraid to voice her opinion.  She’s a matter-of-fact kind of kid who will probably be a no-nonsense kind of woman.   I love that.

Her little brother, Caleb, is a sweetheart.  I little more shy than the others, but playful and likes to turn everything into a game.  But so, so sweet.  He held my hand more than once, he gave me a hug, said he wanted to stand with me… a ladies man at four.

And Sidney.  This girl marches to the beat of her own two year old drum and I LOVE her for that!  She was go-go-go, always smiling and laughing, trying to keep up with the big kids and didn’t even bat a tear when she took a tumble.  She’s a wild woman.  At two. :)

Yep, I love ’em.  I’ll keep ’em.

I know I only spent a couple hours with these kids.  And I know it’s been months since I’ve seen them.  But I can say that I had the best time with them.  Playing in the leaves, rolling on the ground, laughing at their knock-knock jokes, learning more about Power Rangers, striking a serious pose… it was seriously THE BEST.  I hope they had a very happy holiday with their families.

The Hamilton Sisters {family} | Part I

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Way, way, way back in October I had a huge photo session.  Eleven people huge.  Three families huge.  Six adults and five kids huge.

And it was awesome.

After emailing with Kim a few times, she asked about including her sisters and their families into our session.  After a few more emails and logistical planning, we made it happen.  So on an October evening when the weather was a bit warm but leaves were starting to turn, we all came together to take some pictures, some secret pictures, for some very deserving grandparents.

All three families were fun, laid back and a wonderful bunch of people to spend time with.  And their kids – I’m head over heels for these short people.  So while I was excited to meet Kim’s family, I was completely honored to meet all three Hamilton sisters and these fantastic people they get to call family.  And now you do too.

The sisters.  Kim, Stephanie and Jennifer.  Lovely ladies.

Stephanie’s family…

This girl.  That face.  I’m a Sidney fan to the core.

Kim’s family…

I totally lurve this photo of Maya and Isaac.

Jennifer’s family…

It doesn’t get any cuter, people!

Again, such a pleasure to spend time with these families.  And I have my fingers crossed I’ll get to again another day.  But these kids… these kids won me over.  You’ll have to check out the blog again tomorrow because the kiddos got their own post. :)

My Top Picks of 2012

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One of my favorite things to do is look back at the photos I’ve taken over the year.  This year has been more difficult only because I’ve experienced several changes throughout the year.  Leaving my job, starting a new one, having the most busy fall season ever… I didn’t sit down until after Thanksgiving. :)  I had hoped for a fantastic year  – and I did – but looking back, I see something different in my photos.

My favorites have usually been the photos that stir my feelings and send a little excitement throughout my body.  And I still get that.  But this year I’ve noticed that it’s not just the image itself, but the moment around the image.  How I felt when I was with the people in the photo – it’s hard for me to explain, but there’s more than just a “that photo captured the mood.”  These may not be my “best work” or your favorites, but they help me relive a fantastic memory, a wonderful time spent with the people and things I love.  And that makes them rise to the top.

January: My Girls

I had a lot of great photos to choose from in January.  But this one my Mel and her little lady is my favorite.  I spent the day with Melanie’s family as they celebrated Allie’s first birthday.  There were a lot of shots to love from that day (including her crawling around in those sweet little legwarmers with those chubby legs), but this one steals my heart every time I look at it.  Love them both to bits.



February: Birthday Self-Portrait

It’s funny that my favorite from last February was also a birthday portrait.  But I had SUCH AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY WEEKEND.  I turned 30 this year and there were surprises all weekend and I just had the best time ever.  I’ve never felt more special or loved than that weekend.  I have the best friends ever.

2012 birthday self-portrait

2012 birthday self-portrait


March: Heather+Robby

This session is by far one of my favorites.  Heather and Robby enjoy life to its fullest and are so easy to photograph.  And when I say easy, I mean EASY!  We just walked around downtown Louisville and shot what sounded like fun.  And I love how each photo turned out.  Yes, my absolute favorite session.  This session will be hard to beat.


April: Chicago with Irene and Michael

I set a goal for 2012 and that was to attend a photography workshop.  The opportunity revealed itself early in the year and in April, I found myself in Chicago, sitting among some very talented women in Christy Tyler‘s home.  I learned more than I realized [as I still find myself remembering things we covered and testing them].  But it was a great weekend – good people, great stories, great mentoring, warm hearts and great modeling.  Irene and Michael were our workshop models and they brought it even though it was so chilly.  If you ever get to spend time with Christy and James, do it.  They’re fantastic.


May: Nashvegas Wedding

Nothing is better than spending a weekend in Nashville.  Add in the fact that one of your longtime friends is getting married and it makes it better.  Mix in several of your favorite people from high school and college and you have a howling good time!  It was a wonderful time and my friend, Kevin, asked me to catch a shot of him and his new bride leaving the hotel after the reception.  I love this photo of them so much.


June: BDD Montage

Our Big Deaf Dog lurves the water hose.  LURVES IT!  And I got it in my head that I wanted to photograph her while she went nuts on it.  It paid off.  And this post happens to be my “lift your spirits” post when I’m having a bad day.


July: The One That Can Hear

It’s not a secret that I love dogs.  And I love my doggins through and through.  They are sweet, great to cuddle with and hilarious.  But Chase, the one the that can hear, is my heart doggin.  She’s my girl and keeps me company even when I think I don’t want any.  She also hates the camera, so I love this “happy” photo of her.



August: The Nose Print

Now.  I absolutely love catching photos with my dSLR but we know that sometimes you don’t always have it.  For me… it’s more often than I like.  So my favorite shot from August is actually an Instagram.  I know – I know.  But I do love it.  Because the BDD’s nose was so wet she left a perfect nose print on the couch.  And I can’t help but smile when I see it.  (We’ve tried recreating but she’s so uncooperative.)

Somebody has a wet nose. #noseprint # BDDlove #dogginlove

September: My Grandma

We celebrated my granny’s birthday this year with a small surprise (in her backyard) and it was so great.  Being with family makes me happy – I love all the stories I’ve heard hundreds of times over the years.  But what I love most is that my granny is still on this Earth for me to hug. And she’s a heckuva hugger.


October: Atlanta

October was a crazy month for me.  I met soooo many new people, wonderful people… but my favorite thing that happened that month was my weekender to Atlanta.  Meeting my friend Katie for the first time in the flesh was perfect and I’m head over heels for her little man Camden.  I second shot a wedding with her… experienced a smash and grab with her… and I have yet to revisit any of the photos I took at the wedding.  I think the bad taste that came with my bag getting jacked still lurks, but it’s on the to do list.  Believe me.

LOVE this lady!


November: Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy.  Tater tot.  Connor.  Whatever you like to call him.  I just LOVE TO PHOTOGRAPH HIM!  This little guy made my Thanksgiving weekend so much sweeter (and it wasn’t because there was cake involved).  He’s the cutest – from the new hair to the bluest eyes to those kissy little lips – I’m a Connor fan to the core.  And I loved this cupcake smash session!



OK.  So I really didn’t take many photos in December.  And I wasn’t sure what I could say was a favorite when I take more pics with my phone of doggins in my lap than anything else.  But… we went to New Orleans late last week… because our alma mater was playing in a big bowl game… and I had my phone… and Instagram… AND MY CARDS FRICKING WON!!!  The trip to NOLA, the game, the title – everything about was perfect and THAT is the best thing about December [and beginning of January, but we’re going to overlook that fact and just bask in the glory of Louisville beating Florida]!!!!


January 4, 2013 - 8:33 am

katie - What a great recap of your year…smash and grab and all.
Love that you ended it on a high note winning the Sugar Bowl!

Go Cards!

January 4, 2013 - 8:34 am

katie - ps. backatcha lady.

A New Year Means New Recommendations

Every year, I make a list of things that I would like to make better, improve on… or just keep on being fantastical at.  So you should know that my list is not a list of resolutions.  Ever.  I don’t make resolutions because I don’t keep them.  And I hate to be disappointed.  So I make New Year Recommendations – suggestions for self-improvement.  The list can continue to grow throughout the year, change into something else or just be a reminder.  But they are only recommendations.

So, for the New Year of 2013, may I experience less stress and relaxation, brighter days filled with smiles, more time with family and Granny’s coconut pie, unexpected good news, new places to explore, new foods to try,  long hugs with friends I adore, good books to get lost in, great music to dance along with, more Bon Jovi (of course), to keep growing with my photography, an initiative to actually make my body do some kind of physical activity, warms snuggles with my doggins, more hand-written letters, unplanned road trips, the opportunity to learn how to sew (rather than just turning the sewing machine on), walks with the hubs (and some stolen kisses), the chance to cross paths with fabulous people repeated, to meet more awesome clients and to just be happy.

I wish you all a happy New Year and hope that your list of recommendations bring you joy and happiness.

Now go hug someone you love.

January 2, 2013 - 8:58 am

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon - Love your not resolutions…what a perfect way to set your year off.

Year In Review {Shutterboo Photography Sessions}

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This year has gone by so fast.  So so fast.  I’ve crossed paths with several new folks and have stayed in touch with families I’ve photographed in the past.  But overall, it’s been a fantastic year filled with fantastic people.  And I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to every single one of you.  You’re the ones that made my year!  So thank you – from the bottom of my heart.


Stephanie+Jeremy {expecting}

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.  It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.
We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. 

-Albert Schweitzer

December 27, 2012 - 4:29 pm

Katie - So fabulous Brooke!!

December 27, 2012 - 5:07 pm

Amy - Love this post!!

S o c i a l
M o r e   i n f o