Camera Purses, Camera Bags for Women… They’re All The Same

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One of my most visited posts on this blog is about camera bags for women.  Or camera purses.  Or stylish camera bags.  Whatever you call them, they’re all the same thing and they’re what women want.  When I wrote that over two years ago, I was shopping myself but had trouble finding what I liked.  I eventually found a bag I liked, but created a list so others could reference.  But there’s no images.  And I just don’t like that.

So I did what any normal American female would do: create a Pinterest board of stylish camera bags!

I decided to fall over into Pinterest with my camera purse links not so long ago.  Actually, it was after my adorable green Kelly Moore bag was ripped off in Atlanta.  (Looks so much like a purse, they had no idea it was a camera bag… without a camera in it!)  So I was back in the market for a new camera bag.  Actually, I still am as I haven’t decided.  (I’m the worst at making decisions.  Just ask the hubs.)  But what better way to make a decision that to *see* all of what is available.

I mean, do I want to stick with the hobo bag I loved?  Or maybe try the new 2 Sues or Juju bag from Kelly Moore?  Her bags are a bit heavy but look so nice and come in the BEST colors!

Or would I want to go larger, have a catch all bag that’s easy to take with me on sessions where I need more than my shootsac.  I mean, a bag with roller wheels can make it easier.  (Or clunkier.)

Or go smaller and just try an insert.  I’m actually leaning this way as several of my purses are large enough to hold an insert.  But there doesn’t appear to be much room for an extra lens or flash…

Or go a completely different direction?  Try a brand a never heard of before or maybe an Etsy shop that handmakes camera bags with personality.  I mean, this chevron number caught my eye a few weeks back… I just haven’t decided yet.  It’s too hard.

But with the Pinterest board, not only can you be introduced to several brands of camera purses that are available, but you can also *see* them, browse, compare more easily.  And it’s a cinch to update – whenever I come across a new bag, you better believe it will get pinned.  [Because I love Pinterest.  It’s the best idea since sliced bread.  Where was Pinterest ten years ago?!?]

So enjoy the Stylish Camera Bag Pinterest board and repin to your heart’s content.  And with the holidays right around the corner, don’t be afraid to leave a hint for Santa. :)

UPDATE: To see my recent camera purse purchase to replace my bag that was stolen, check it out here!

November 25, 2012 - 4:35 pm

Joan Nova - I wish I’d seen this before but I’m very happy with the bag I just purchased on ETSY — though these are all gorgeous, especially yours. Since I wanted it basically for travel, this one immediately sung out to me.

Here’s a photo link.

November 27, 2012 - 3:37 pm

Stacy - LOVE the last one!!!

November 29, 2012 - 12:05 pm

What Women Want: Camera Purses | Shutterboo Photography - […] visit the most latest blog about camera purses, click {here}.  Or to visit my Pinterest board dedicated to stylish camera bags, click […]

Thankful For People Like You

It’s sometimes hard to remember what matters most to us – we get caught up in everyday life, going to work, doing the daily grind and taking card of those around us.  But being that it’s Thanksgiving, we reflect on what matters most to us.  Our families.  Our friends.  Our health and wealth.  Our good memories.

I’m thankful for all those things, of course, and a few more.  But I’m really thankful for people like you.  I realize that I have an awesome readership, am followed by several friends and family members and even strangers.  And I’m in awe that they care enough to keep doing it.  I appreciate it and I love what my little blog and photography business has become.

This fall has been extremely hectic but oh-so worth it.  I’ve been surrounded by families that have an abundance of love and have felt blessed to spend time with them all this year.  The holiday giveaway for clients was one way I wanted to give back.  And I’m so excited to announce the winner on the night that many families are sitting down with their extended families to share a meal.

Thank you to all who participated – I loved reading all of your comments.  But the lucky winner was comment #5 left by Juliane Carter!  Her family just had a session a few weeks back so I’m very excited to work with her and create a gallery wrap for her and her husband.

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the States.  For those of you beyond our borders, I wish you a good night. :)

The Schrolls {family}

To see the new website and blog, visit Brooke Murphy Photography {here}!

The absolute best thing about referrals is that if you’re already in love with your client, the people they refer are likely to be just as awesome.  And I was proved totally right.  (I love it when I’m right!)

Katrina, Tim and Isaac were the sweetest and even though we were shooting on a very chilly afternoon, they kept their smiles on and had fun.  Runny noses aside, I had fun too.  These college sweethearts have grown their family and Isaac just turned one.  These babies grow so fast, but I love this age.  My heart is always warmed when I see parents with their kids, playing with them, striking their interest, letting them explore – Isaac was curious and did a lot of exploring and it was the best.  He loved the sound of the leaves under his feet, so he marched around to get more crunch.

Our time together passed way too quickly, but I’ve found myself a new little guy to swoon over.  Meet the Schrolls.

I love love love those blue eyes!

So sweet.  Makes my teeth hurt.

Isaac loved the leaves. Playing in them, crunching them…

My favorite! Love this family!

Sneak Peek: The Weekends

Ohmygoodness.  It hasn’t slowed down for Shutterboo Photography at all – this has been my busiest fall yet!  And I love it!

I met with several wonderful families the past couple weekends and I am just in love with their little ones.  Of course, I had to share a few sneak peeks so that you could fall in love too. :)

November 19, 2012 - 8:27 am

katie - So sweet. And I love that I recognize a few of these faces.

The Eichases {family}

With the idea of having mini sessions back to back and taking a few shots of the families together, Ria introduced me to her sister, Renee.  I’m always excited to meet new people but when I learned that Renee and Pete had twins… the excitement went through the roof.  I’d never photographed twins before!  So I got to meet the Eichas family at a mini session and I immediately feel in love with Emma and Errol.  Twins – one girl and one boy.  So sweet, so different and so much fun!

Errol.  I love his name but those cheeks… I love those more.

Emma.  Her bottom lip kills me.  This little angel was born to pout.

People.  It doesn’t get any darn cuter than this.  For reals.

Thank you to Ria for introducing me to her sister.  And thank you to Renee and Pete for having the two most adorable pair of twins this side of the county.

November 15, 2012 - 8:34 am

katie - Look at those faces! They are precious. And Emma’s pouty lip…love it.

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