You Might Think I’m Lazy

You might think I’m lazy because I’m going to write another listastic list but you’d only be half right.  I’ve been a busy gal… but not much has gone on lately.  If that makes any sense at all, let me know.  Here we go.

  • Before you even ask, I did sew.  I was able to successfully set up my sewing machine and tried my hand at some straight lines.  My thread only broke a couple times so I did get more practice at threading the machine.  And I did make a little pillow with some fabric I had.  Well, it would have been a pillow if I could have found the Polyfill so I guess it’s only on the verge of being a pillow.  But now I want to make something for real.
  • How do I lose Polyfill?!  It’s a huge white bag of stuffing and I cannot located it.  I know it’s in the craft room.  I just don’t know where.  I think I might need to clean my craft room in order to find it though.
  • Maybe I’m just really good at misplacing stuff because I lost that cake plate for almost a year.  Now if I could only lose the stuff I won’t miss.  Like dust bunnies.  Or my thighs.
  • I believe the allergies are back in action.  I’m still not certain what allergies feel like versus being sick but I’m going to be optimistic with this one and say it’s allergies.  Me and Zyrtec and going to be close, close friends again.
  • Sir Mix-A-Lot follows me on Twitter.  Just sayin’…
  • We had several days of beautiful weather and now it’s cold again.  Friends up north even have inches of snow.  I don’t feel sorry for them though – that’s what they get for living in Michigan.
  • I’m getting my hair cut this weekend and I can’t decide what I want.  Do I just want to go a couple inches shorter?  Or do I want to try something completely new?  The last time I did this was to make a point (the point being that it’s only hair) but I didn’t like it.  I’d rather not repeat.  But I still want to embrace change.  Let’s call it: I have no flipping idea what I want.  The polls are open.
  • Would you believe that I’m not good at making decisions?  It takes me days, sometimes even weeks, to decide on new shoes, a new jacket, a new camera bag – I’m the most wishy-washy person I know.  I don’t even like deciding where to grab dinner at on Saturday night.
  • So PodMate started a new knitting adventure and I’m just eating it up.  She’s knitting socks and tracking the analytics of her crafting.  She’s already 36 days in but I can’t imagine doing this myself.  Check her out.
  • And that’s all I have.  I told you, my world is lame.  But knitting class is tonight so there’s my silver lining.  And I’ve got a little baby hat on the queue.
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March 24, 2011 - 9:45 am

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon - Girl, you know I had to hit Twitter to check out Sir Mix A Lot. Love that he follows you. I wonder if he has any opinion on the fact that kitchen appliances are named after him?

March 24, 2011 - 10:18 am

J. Smith - I want to go to a knitting class!

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