Take A Breather

It has been a nonstop, one-woman rodeo show for the past two months.  Between photo sessions and editing images and revising HTML code and trying to master new functions in Photoshop… yeah, I’ve been crazy busy.  But it’s been fun.  So so much fun.

Well, all but the code part because I’m about to scratch my eyes out trying to figure out what’s wrong with my search page.  Nothing puts your smarts back into perspective than trying to find which line of code is giving you all the fuss.  Yeesh.

But on Saturday I took a breather.  I spent the day with my Mom.  We went shopping for planters and were successful.  We went shopping for flowers and we were successful.  We planted the new flowers and they look great.  Bonus is with all the rain we’re getting this week, I don’t have to worry about watering them.  It was a beautiful day to step away from the computer, spend time with the lady I refer to as “woman” in public and I was fortunate enough to walk away with a killer farmer’s tan.

Sunday was a different story.  I was on the run in the morning and in the afternoon with an hour nap between my traipsing all over town.  I was caught running in the rain.  Twice.  Some bugs got a hold of me and made me an afternoon snack.  I skinned my elbow.  I bruised my bum somehow.  And my body currently hates that I rolled around like Rambo on a mission in the jungle.  All in the name of photography.

So while I’ve returned back to the computer and am working my way through the two sessions I shot this weekend, you should totally check out the cuties on my Facebook page.  {click here}  And you should go ahead and follow my Facebook page because I plan on showcasing my sneak peeks there.   {just click here already}

Now back to that code…

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