An Update To Life As I Know It

It’s funny.  You get yourself into such a schedule, you become so used to go-go-going all the time, you’re able to operate even in auto-pilot.  My body and my mind were used to sitting in an office for 9+ hours a day and when I came home, I was still able to scrape together some dinner, start the dishwasher and remember to brush my teeth before bed.

But last week, with the new job?  Auto-pilot wasn’t an option.

With just six weeks of being away from the grind and going back at it last Monday, I haven’t adapted yet.  I thought I would.  I mean, I didn’t exactly take a vacation while I was at home.  I got up early, I kept house, I exercised, did all the yard work, all the shopping, kept myself busy with photography during the day so that when the hubs came home, we could eat dinner together and enjoy each others’ company.  But the actual act of leaving the house and diving into the new job head first (which is analytic-heavy)… well…

… Work 1, Brooke 0.

Last week kicked my butt.  Physically and mentally, I was down for the count.  And while I feel like a loser for now being a week behind on editing and leaving my house in such disarray, I took the time to enjoy little things.  Melting into the sofa to watch TV.  A nap with the doggins.  An evening with my parents and niece.  A little reading and soduko.  Taking pictures of flowers on my window sill.  Mindless things.

But I think it was the right thing to do.  I didn’t push myself, I ended up easing into it.  And the weekend let me get back on track.  I got some extra sleep, I got to cross some chores off my list and got friendly with Photoshop again.  If you’re waiting on something from me, let me apologize – you’ll hear from me soon, I promise.  But the good news is I think a schedule is finding it’s way into my life again.  Which is something I’m looking forward to.

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