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Library Visit

As much as I’m embarrassed to admit, I’m not a strong reader.  At all.  I’m actually pretty slow when it comes to reading.  I’ve tried to read fast, but I find myself missing too much stuff, not understanding how the plot twisted or able to remember the characters and end up re-reading several pages.  So I just go slow.

(It’s better this way.  Believe me.  Having to re-read the pages of an Econ 201 book because you read too fast will take years off your life.  Because you’ll be bored to death.)

But as embarrassing as that is, I’m even more embarrassed I let my LFPL library card expire.  Unused for a year (an entire calendar year!), it expires so that the cardholder has to visit in order to reactivate it.  But I’m happy to report I reactivated my card last week.

With being a slower reader, I don’t read a lot and when I do read, it’s solely for entertainment purposes.  As in “I want fiction and nothing but fiction and maybe a little more fiction” entertainment.  So far this year, I enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy.  After finishing the first of a very popular book triology that has a color in the title, I decided I wasn’t going to read any more.  (I just couldn’t.  The writing… blech.)  I moved on to The Fault In Our Stars.  (Great book.)  After I suffered through a horrendous fluff book about a hit woman, I wised up – no more e-reader unless it’s something I want to own.  It was time to go back to the library.

With the new job being only a mile and a half from the library I grew up in (or kind of… they built a new building next door about 15 years ago), I took my lunch break to search for new books.  I forgot how much fun it was!  I still had my list of “books you may want to read” in my wallet, so I busted it out and found one of those books: Spooky Little Girl.  (Such a fun read!)  But then I browsed, which is the best part.  Another Notaro book.  A book by Niffenegger (because I love The Time Traveler’s Wife so-so-so much).  And then another one that looked good.

That’s how I roll at the library.  If it looks good, I’ll give it go.  I totally judge books by their cover.

But now that I have new reads, I’ve been gettin’ my read on.  A few minutes in the morning before I’m actually require my legs to swing out of bed.  While I eat my lunch at my desk – no better way to escape the office if you aren’t escaping the office.  And few pages before I call it a night.  A simple little task that’s found it’s way back into my day.  And it feels good.

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August 3, 2012 - 8:44 am

Amanda - Seeing this post reminded me that I forgot to follow up with you after our last book club meeting (using the term, “book club” very loosely). Next book on deck – Gone Girl. Followed by a read/re-read of The Great Gatsby – yes, in anticipation of the Leonard DiCaprio movie ;)

Happy reading!!

p.s. love that you are going to the library for your books – way to kick it old school!

side note: are the kids still saying, “kickin’ it old school”??

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