Friend Reception: Celebrating Heather+Robby

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Heather and Robby aren’t new to this blog.  Actually, they’ve been blowing it up since their uber-fun engagement session in April and then with their warm, heartfelt wedding later in May.  Their wedding was small, only family was present, but that didn’t stop our friends from wanting to let them know that they’re just as excited about their marriage.  So the Friend Reception was born.

All hands were on deck for planning, prepping and throwing common sense out the window.  A menu was set, decorations were decided, favors were made and photo booth was created – we were going at it with saloon flair.

Burlap and jute.  Wild flowers.  Little paper mustaches on sticks, for the women of course.  And long feather boas for the gents.  A “wanted” poster was the backdrop for the photo booth with a slew of props including play guns, a bow and rubber arrow, cowboy hat with a feather, and handcuffs.  Throw Robby and Heather and all of the friends that couldn’t wait to toast with them into the mix and you had one heckuva celebration.

I had three reasons why I was pretty excited for the Friend Reception.  The first being that I was in on the planning – I was called to my photographer duty to put on my creative hat and help with the decorations.  Knowing all the details of what was going into it made me feel like a surprise ninja.  (And I like being a surprise ninja.)  Second, I was sooooo excited for Heather and Robby!  It had been an honor to be their photographer, but to actually spend an evening relaxing and toasting to two awesome people was a treat.  And thirdly, the friends that came together – most of us used to be fabulous co-workers, people I saw every week for 40 hours gathered in one place to do anything but talk shop.  And two of my faves made it town from Chicago and Austin.  What’s not to love?

It was a perfect night.  Laid back fun with enough hitch in the giddyup to bring on some stellar laughs.  Delicious eats, a wide selection of adult libations, good conversation, bad jokes and wizardry.  (A new drinking game, which, is hilarious even for people who aren’t partaking.)  I didn’t want it to end.  But when me and the hubs finally said goodbye, handed out hugs to all our friends and sent well wishes to the bride and groom once more, I knew it was just as we had planned, just what was necessary to to celebrate the couple of the hour.

I’m telling you people, friends make it worth while.

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August 6, 2012 - 8:43 am

katie - I love that they had a “friends reception”. That is so sweet. Nothing like being able to celebrate with those closest to you. And the beers are hilarious.

August 6, 2012 - 3:17 pm

Meredith - Oh Brooke. You have the most incredible way of making the ridiculous look like a work of art. You captured everything the night offered. Thanks so much for being as good of a friend as you are a photographer. We will laugh over these in our 80’s!

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