The Game Day

I have been looking forward to this past Sunday for weeks.  Since we received our season tickets in the mail, actually.  We had new seats for season, had been talking about tailgating for several days and I was ready.  This girl was on the train!

But then a big glob of bad weather showed up in the radar and totally rained on my parade.

I like football.  I like going to games with the hubs, with friends.  I’m A-OK with Mike dominating the television Thursday  through Monday; I sit there with yarn and needles in my lap and watch with him.  I can withstand the blazing heat, shiver through the cold and bundle myself up to keep the snow away.  But I don’t do rain.  Call me fair weathered, but I don’t do it.  Ever since the Louisville v. Florida State game in 2002 when it monsooned in Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium, I have avoided standing in the rain for the sake of football.

If it had been raining when we left the house, I might have bowed out.  But with a ball cap and a goretex rain jacket, we made our way to tailgating.  Just in time, too.  Because the heavens opened not long after we arrived.

UL v UK 2012

Huddled under a tent with about a dozen adults and a handful of kids, we waited it out.  The rain didn’t let up throughout the tailgate… but that didn’t keep us from eating, drinking and being merry.

I just don’t see how people can do it – let their socks get soaked and squish through them all day.  Or let the rain water mat down their hair, leaving it sticking to their neck.  Or clothes so wet that they belch when you pull them away from your skin.  Blech.  I want to be dry, warm and comfortable.  But there were several people that didn’t mind the weather and walked around with their plastic ponchos that were completely ineffective as they were drenched.  So many wet socks.

But I’m glad I went.  And I’m glad I put up with the rain that was dealt to us that afternoon.  Because about 10 minutes into the game, it stopped.  Slowly around us, hoods came off, raincoats were shed, even the fella a few rows in front of changed out his waders at halftime.  I may have left my phone in the goretex just in case, but we had a football game.  The battle for the Governor’s Cup was on.

UL V UK 2012

Very fun game – I never tire of screaming “That’s good for another CARD’S FIRST DOWN!”  I’m sure that people will say the Cards need some work but that Coach Strong will pull it off.  Others will say that UK showed potential or that Joker has to hit the road next year.  But what it boils down to is that it’s back.  Football has returned and kicking off the season playing Kentucky starts it off right each year.  Red and blue, cardinals and wildcats – it divides families and friends and allows for some teasing and quips at the others expense.  But I really I loved how both bands took the field to play My Old Kentucky Home.  It reminds us that there’s more than trash talking each other – we both have this great state to call home.  I love this place from the bottom of my heart.

Did I mention Louisville won? :)

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