Laura+Adam {family}

I love meeting new people.  But having a friend in common always makes it more fun, no?  Laura said she heard about me through the grapevine at work and we discovered this week that she actually works with my good friend Amber.  (You remember Annabella, right?  Amber is Annabella’s mom.)  It’s a small world indeed – and it’s one of the things I love most about Louisville.

Louisville is large enough that you don’t know everyone and constantly meet wonderful new people, but it’s just small enough that you quickly learn you already have a friend in common.  This never ceases to make me happy.

So I met Laura and her son Adam for the first time last Sunday.  And all I wanted to do was take Adam’s curls and twist them around my fingers.  He’s such a sweet boy and rather shy – he tried his best to keep his back to me, to not meet my eye and maybe even hide his five-year-old smile. But his mom had other plans and slowly he came out of his shell.

I love this one of Laura and Adam.  This fella kept me on my toes but I was thrilled to capture such a happy photo of them together.

Like most little boys that I photograph at Locust Grove, Adam instantly began climbing the wicked tree they have on the grounds.  He was in his element, exploring and on the move and having fun.  These are my favorites of Adam.  Because his shyness disappeared – he wasn’t worried about where I was, but instead was just being a little boy.

*my fave*

I really think if we had spent more time together, I would have been able to photograph Adam playing his guitar that he brought along.  But that’s the thing about mini sessions – you are working against the clock.  I’m hoping to meet Laura and Adam again soon… and I’m hoping he brings his guitar again… and still has those cute blonde curls.

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October 11, 2012 - 10:01 am

katie - What a cutie! Looks like the first mini session was a success!

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