The Coxes {family}

Whenever I talk with my college girlfriend, Stacia, I immediately think of us as our 21-year-old selves.  I think of Justin Timberlake playing.  I think of Stacia dancing.  And then saying some ridiculously funny in her sweet little voice.  But then I remember that those days are long gone… and her Wyatt now have a beautiful family.  And it blows my mind.  It seems like yesterday I was sitting in her pink-on-pink bedroom in UPA.  Not any more.

Ah.  Time flies way too fast, people.

But I love Stacia and Wyatt’s kiddos.  Cali reminds me so much of Stacia – her mannerisms, the way she talks, the way she looks – she’s even a basketballer like mom.  And Jonah is so, so sweet.  He tries so hard to smile for the camera and when confronted to choose to cheer for UofL or UK he just says, “I like them both.”  Jonah’s a little lover, keeps the peace… I luz him.

At five and three they are so much fun, Cali and Jonah.  Playful, still kind of timid but goofy and just cute as can be.  I don’t know what Stacia and Wyatt to have made these two little people so fun and polite, but they have wonderful children… and I’d play with them in their backyard any day of the week. :)

I asked Cali if we should take a picture of mom and dad and she agreed.  I love sucking Stacia into these situations because she’s the sweetest.

*my fave*

Love these kids, love this family, love my dear and beautiful friend.  I wish them nothing but happiness this holiday season and can’t wait to get another hug.  Much love, Cox Family.

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