The Hamilton Sisters {family} | Part I

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Way, way, way back in October I had a huge photo session.  Eleven people huge.  Three families huge.  Six adults and five kids huge.

And it was awesome.

After emailing with Kim a few times, she asked about including her sisters and their families into our session.  After a few more emails and logistical planning, we made it happen.  So on an October evening when the weather was a bit warm but leaves were starting to turn, we all came together to take some pictures, some secret pictures, for some very deserving grandparents.

All three families were fun, laid back and a wonderful bunch of people to spend time with.  And their kids – I’m head over heels for these short people.  So while I was excited to meet Kim’s family, I was completely honored to meet all three Hamilton sisters and these fantastic people they get to call family.  And now you do too.

The sisters.  Kim, Stephanie and Jennifer.  Lovely ladies.

Stephanie’s family…

This girl.  That face.  I’m a Sidney fan to the core.

Kim’s family…

I totally lurve this photo of Maya and Isaac.

Jennifer’s family…

It doesn’t get any cuter, people!

Again, such a pleasure to spend time with these families.  And I have my fingers crossed I’ll get to again another day.  But these kids… these kids won me over.  You’ll have to check out the blog again tomorrow because the kiddos got their own post. :)

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