The Hamilton Sisters {family} | Part II

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Yesterday I told you all about these three wonderful families.  But the kids deserve a post all their own.

I’m in love with these kids.  All five of them.  Kim did a phenomenal job filling me on how they tick, pieces of their personalities before we met and just minutes into the session, I knew she hit the nail on the head.  Each child was so different but there was love between all of them, a sense of caring and knowing they belonged to each other.  Cousins have a way of effecting you without you knowing it.

Maya was kind of quiet, but definitely has the older sibling, take on things approach.  She stood up, took charge, led by example and just smiled away.  Her happiness shined through all her photos and seeing her with her youngest cousin was quite special.

Isaac, like most five year olds, are in the moment one second and then out of it the next.  I had to get him to warm up to me, but talking superheros totally worked.  Turned out he was going to be Superman for Halloween.

Hannah, the oldest of the bunch, is strong-willed and not afraid to voice her opinion.  She’s a matter-of-fact kind of kid who will probably be a no-nonsense kind of woman.   I love that.

Her little brother, Caleb, is a sweetheart.  I little more shy than the others, but playful and likes to turn everything into a game.  But so, so sweet.  He held my hand more than once, he gave me a hug, said he wanted to stand with me… a ladies man at four.

And Sidney.  This girl marches to the beat of her own two year old drum and I LOVE her for that!  She was go-go-go, always smiling and laughing, trying to keep up with the big kids and didn’t even bat a tear when she took a tumble.  She’s a wild woman.  At two. :)

Yep, I love ’em.  I’ll keep ’em.

I know I only spent a couple hours with these kids.  And I know it’s been months since I’ve seen them.  But I can say that I had the best time with them.  Playing in the leaves, rolling on the ground, laughing at their knock-knock jokes, learning more about Power Rangers, striking a serious pose… it was seriously THE BEST.  I hope they had a very happy holiday with their families.

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