Boot Scootin’ Cuffs

Many, many months ago, I stumbled upon a photo of boot cuffs thanks to Pinterest.  I immediately fell in love with them though, at the time, I had yet to purchase skinny jeans and/or tuck my pants into my boots.  Because, if I’m being honest here, fashion is not my forte.  At all.  (Just ask AmyHasBangs, my official unofficial stylist who gets picture texts from me that question “What do you think?”  True story.)  But back to the boot cuffs… I wanted them.  But like somethings on Pinterest, pinners do an awful job of actually linking a good URL.  This particular link led to Tumblr account which led to a dead-end.  Un-fun.

So after many more months, I was poking around in Ravelry (an obsession that Susan, my Pod-mate, instilled in me when I was just learning to knit) and I found them again.  The very same picture I’d seen on Pinterest.  And a pattern available for purchase.  So, being the awesome Pinterest-savvy person I am, I pinned the Ravelry link so that future boot cuff droolers wouldn’t face a dead-end Tumblr account.  You’re welcome.

And then, only months after that (this a short story that I’m making long), I finally overcame my fear of cable knitting, purchased the pattern and got to work.  Things I learned with this knitting project included :

• Cabling is, in fact, not that hard.  Quite easy actually.  And now I’m cabling everything.

• This was super fast project.  I’m a slow knitter and had both cuffs done in a few days time.

• I now had the cutest boot accessory and felt so fashion forward.

• I had no idea how to wear them.  And I felt like a moron for that.

Sad but true – even after all of Amy’s styling advice and lessons, I struggled with figuring out how to wear the boot cuffs.  I tried with skinny jeans.  Hated it.  Tried with taller boots.  Hated it.   Tried them tucked in and folded over.  Tried to wear them straight.  Tried to wear them around my ankles like I’d seen other women do at the airport.  Hated it, hated it, hated it.  I had failed.  Which made me frustrated because I was so excited about these dang boot cuffs.

Last week I was at Target and just *happened* to walk past the stocking section.  I stared at all the shades of leggings they had available and heard Amy in my head saying, “Do it!  I told you to get leggings months ago!  They will become your saving grace for wearing skirts and bloating up like hibernating bear this winter!”  (Caveat: Amy would have said something much more clever.  She’s very clever.  But just go with the flow.)  I reached out for the last pair of black leggings on the shelf and tossed them in the cart.

Target carts are the worst about finding extra things in them come checkout time, no?

It didn’t click until the next day that I should try the leggings with the boot cuffs.  With the weather looking dry, I planned a photo shoot in our driveway featuring my legs, my favorite pair of boots and the boot cuffs I knitted in December.

So here’s the thing: even as I was getting dressed for my little photo shoot, I still felt like an idiot in the boot cuffs.  (The leggings made me feel like an idiot as well, but we’re not going to discuss my weight issues and skin-tight bottoms with the free world.  Amen.)  But I told myself that I wanted to actually show off my first cables the way they were meant to be worn, even if it was only once – I was taking this one for the team.  The team being me.

Boot Scootin

Boot Scootin

Boot Scootin

Boot Scootin

Boot Scootin

Boot Scootin

While I felt silly in this outfit (and you can’t see all of me for a hot mess of a reason), the photos actually turned out well.  And, while I’m on this honesty kick, the boot cuffs looked OK.  Cute even.  Does this mean that I’ve found a new cozy and fashionable outfit to wear?  Heck no.  Leggings will not be exiting my front door any time soon.  But there are these things called baby steps and I’m going to take them.  Let’s just hope I take them before it goes out of style.

*Pattern: Boot Candy by Sara Gresbach, pattern download available on

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January 24, 2013 - 9:02 am

Christy Tyler - These are SO cute!!! Love them!

January 24, 2013 - 9:14 am

Melanie - Wear leggings boo!! I stick my chubby butt in them, they are awesome. Wear with a longer top or tunic or dress…..perfect for boots (and cuffs) in the winter. I’m just sayin’, I’m totally with Amy on this… BTW the cuffs are super cute!

January 24, 2013 - 9:20 am

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon - LOVE how they look. Makes me want to jump on the boot bandwagon…but I am still traumatized by bad boot experiences of my youth :(

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