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Babies.  They grow so fast, they’re even growing right before your eyes.  So many changes in just a few weeks.  It only makes sense that parents want to memorize how their baby looked when they were small, sleepy little beings.  And there are a lot of photographers out there that enjoy photographing those new little babies.  I’m one of them.

My last few months have been filled with newborn sessions and I love it!  The good thing is that even more babies are coming in the coming months. :)  I have friends that are expecting, co-workers, former co-workers… and I’m just chomping at the bit to get those babies in front of my camera.  But it’s more than just taking the photos.  It’s the whole session that makes it worth while.

I love seeing parents, new or second timers or even third or fourth timers, with their newborns.  They seem to gather all the love they have in their bodies and hold it precisely where their new baby is – in their arms, on their chest, with warm kisses.  Mothers forget there’s anyone else in the room.  Fathers have a new found gentleness.  It’s always the same, but somehow always different.  There’s just something about seeing parents hold the most precious thing in the world.  And that’s why I photograph newborns with their parents.

Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at those adorable photos of little babes in cocoons and baskets or those small faces propped up by even smaller hands.  They are precious.  But my newborn sessions are not like that.  There’s something more touching, more serene when a child is with their parent.  I understand wanting to remember what you newborn looked like, but don’t you also want to remember yourself, your family, and experience those feelings over and over again?

I recommend all newborn sessions take place at home and that babies be between three to six weeks old.  Since I photograph the family together, I like mom and dad to get some time to settle in, feel refreshed and learn a schedule with their newborn.  Any time of day works as long as there’s daylight, and the session usually takes place in a room with great light.  We’ll open a door or blinds, turn off the overhead light and from there we work through a natural workflow, always making certain your baby is comfortable.  And when the going gets tough, breaks come in. :)

I truly believe the relationship is what makes beautiful photographs.  And having photos of you holding your child, or your spouse, your children or even your parent – there’s a connection that  ties you together and holds you still for just a moment.  As a photographer, that’s what I love – seeing couples fall even more in love all because of this one little person.  I’ll leave the baskets and doll poses to other photographers – I want to photograph your newborn with the people that love him or her most in the world.

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February 6, 2013 - 11:43 am

katie o - I wholeheartedly agree…babies in their new environments are perfect. Those are the images that parents will treasure forever.

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