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Light Makes A Difference With A Light Box

A few days back, I showed you my new yarn for my new knitting project. It’s filled with greens and blues andView full post »

And Sombrero Makes A Set

I told you I finished my hat. Toboggan. Beanie. Whatever you call it in your region. But I didn’t show you.View full post »

Act II: El Sombrero

Back to the lecture at hand [perfection is perfected so let ’em understand], on to Act II: El Sombrero. I startedView full post »

My First Knitting Book

As you know, I’m new to knitting. I’ve got my scarf done and I have yet to start on the matching hat. I&#View full post »

Knot To Brag… OK, Yes I Am

I finished my scarf! I started this knitting gig about six weeks ago. My Mom got me started, fixed my mistakes andView full post »

I've Been Bitten…

… by the Knitting Bug. I’m digging this knitting thing. I’ve had three fat mess ups since last weekView full post »

I'm On My Way…

To becoming the world’s best knitter. I went to knitting class last night. I stopped by JoAnn’s Fabrics onView full post »

Because It's Ladies Night

Last night I met up with six of my wife-friends for a girls night out. And we did something we’d never in aView full post »

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