We’ve Moved!

I am SO happy to announce that a new chapter has began!

Shutterboo Photography is now Brooke Murphy Photography… and the new site can be found at brookemurphyphoto.com. (I’m squealing over here, people!!)

Come on over, see the new website and blog! See Brooke Murphy Photography {here}!

Photography services include newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and photo sessions for couples, all in the Louisville, KY area. Also offer professional headshots and small event photography.

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That Face

It’s hard to believe we’ve had Chase for almost eight years. But even so, I remember the day we brought her home. How we gave in and let her sleep in the bed with us to keep her from crying. How fast she took up playing frisbee. The first time she started following Abby around because she had a taste of beer. All the trips we took in the car, her tucked in the back seat asleep, traveling between Indianapolis and Louisville. Every time she gets excited to see her grandpa. That she loves getting her bum rubbed but cannot stand a two-handed bum rub these days. How she likes to tuck herself in bed long before we call it a night. The way she tries to herd us to the food bowls in the morning. That her favorite game is attacking your hand under a blanket. Her depth of vocabulary and attention she gives when you say a word like “breakfast” or “hippo.” How she knows several tricks but will only do them for treats. And so quickly it defeats the purpose. And that rolling over is her go-to for quick begging trickery.

I always wanted a dog that would roll over. It’s the first thing I taught her. Mike asked why I didn’t teach her to sit first. Touché.

But the thing I love absolutely the most about this dog is how she curls up to me. Perfectly, she fits right in the pocket of my hip and legs when we sit on the couch. I can lie on my side and her little body fits like a puzzle piece against my tummy. I don’t think of my dogs as my children – their dogs and do dog things. But I look forward to cuddles from this little gal. Her warmth, her moans of comfort, how she shifts and stretches, those times she gets puppy-like and creeps up to my face to lick my ear. Chase is one of a kind. She’s my heart dog.

April 2, 2013 - 9:31 pm

Christy Tyler - She is such a sweetie! Look at those eyes! <3

Why It’s More Than Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Mosaic

Last week I went to my second Bon Jovi show in three years. I am a Jon Bon Jovi fan, from the old stuff to the new, I enjoy his music and can’t help but sing along with him and Richie Sambora.  But even though my fan-dom has grown stronger over the years, it’s not just about the music. It’s also about my girlfriends.

It started several years back when the hubs and I were still living in Indy. We had planned on returning to Louisville soon and had our house on the market. So to close down Indy, my friends Abby and Kelly came up for an overnight visit. We made dinner together, talked and laughed and then got a bit dolled up to go dancing. The nightlife hadn’t been something I’d embraced while living in Indy, so we ended up a little club on Meridian. I want to say it was called Tiki Bob’s. But that part is not important to the story.

We were having a blast together and I requested a Bon Jovi song from the DJ. Livin’ On A Prayer came on shortly later and we went into overdrive. If you let Kelly tell this story, she’ll say that everyone backed up and let us jam because we were so awesome. If I had to bet money on it, they backed up because they were scared of us. But either way you looked at, we had a song that tied the three of us together and made that night even more memorable.

A few years later, while we were celebrating my 28th birthday in Nashville, these two ladies surprised me with a ticket to the upcoming Hullabalou concert at Churchill Downs that summer. That included a show from Bon Jovi. I was beyond stoked, but the actual day itself was so much fun. It was way too hot, but we enjoyed ourselves, the additional company that came with us and made yet another Livin’ On A Prayer memory. Even on the ride home, I was talking nonstop about how much fun I had and was smiling like a fool. It took me several days to come off that high, but I know that the concert would not have been the same without my friends – they made it what it was.

So last Thursday, we met again to rock it out with the band. This time was a little different – we were behind the stage, we weren’t squished into a crowd that was singing with us, there was no heat stroke – but we had the best time together. We sang, we toasted, we acted ridiculous, we took too many pictures… and that’s why it’s more than Bon Jovi – it reminds us of each other.

Doggin Love

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I take a lot of photos of my dogs. A lot. And most are taken on the couch, with a dog draped across my lap. Being that it’s been cold (thanks winter) and dark (thanks winter), it’s all I’ve really had to offer of late. But on Sunday, the temperature turned up a little, the sun played peekaboo and a breeze blew across the Bluegrass.  Chase and the BDD couldn’t wait to be outside and I took full advantage of the weather… and the doggins. :)

A long game of fetch for the BDD, where I thought I’d at least get a great shot of her running towards me, ended up with several outtakes.  She’s just so fast, stubborn and uninterested in the camera.  But boy does she love that ball.  She also has the sweetest brown eyes and the blood of a wild woman racing through her veins.

By the way, this is the only ball I’ve found that she can’t eat through in a heartbeat. Tennis balls last less than 5 minutes. Other plastic balls are immediately cracked or ripped and then she decides to eat the ball instead of playing with it. But this ball? Practically indestructible. I say “practically” because the last one we left outside all year-long and the elements finally made it weaker.  I’m not sure who makes them, but I can only find them at the pet shop in the Edinburgh Outlets. (Which is a great reason to go outlet shopping, if you ask me.)

Now Chase doesn’t like balls that much. She never really has.  She’ll catch them, but just spits them out afterward. She is frisbee dog. But we can’t play frisbee safely with two dogs as the little one that can hear is fast, feisty and flies through the air while the Big Deaf Dog is fast, ungracefully strong and can’t hear. We’ve had a few mid-air collisions. So when we play frisbee, it’s usually one dog at a time.  But Chase still loved walking through the grass, eating a bit of the green stuff, and watching the BDD look like a fool chasing a ball.

She’s my smart doggin, my cuddle buddy. We have a conversation everyday when I get home from work where I ask if she good naps that day and dreamed of catching squirrels. She always tells me “Of course!” with a smile and wagging tail. But she’s starting get old… getting more white hair on her muzzle… is far more grumpy these days… and growls constantly at the BDD. I’ve tried to explain to her it’s a waste of breath (with the BDD being deaf and all), but she never gives up hope of that Christmas miracle. I don’t either.

March 14, 2013 - 3:29 pm

Stacy - I do love dogs so!

March 15, 2013 - 12:20 pm

Rachel - As always, love your pics. Doggins are definitely the best! No matter what kind of lousy day I had, they are there to greet me at the door. I feel so much better knowing that my dogs love me no matter what!
I have these rings that I play tug of war with Duke. He loves to play and is so strong, but he also likes to make growly noises when he plays. Roxy always tries to break it up thinking Duke is being mean! love doggins!

Listastic Tuesday

Instagram Mosaic

• I can’t get enough of learning about branding, specifically branding yourself. It’s a necessity for my business for sure, but I just love reading what others have to say about, how they explain it, the different interpretations. But so far my favorite line of advice has been “let your freak flag fly.” I LOVE IT!

• With all of this reading and studying and homework, my motivation has been full-swing and I just need this weather to warm up a bit so I can meet up with a few new families to photograph!  Come on spring, you can do it!

• That donut up there? My weakness. I’m not sure why, but the office people bring in donuts quite often. And it’s the one thing I cannot stay away from. Cookies, cake, brownies, even the ice cream in the freezer I can withstand. But not the chocolate donuts with the little sprinkles on top. Nope. Never.

• But that’s OK because this homegirl has been hitting the gym at least three times a week!  So far I’ve learned to say no to spinning, know how to own the treadmill, have a weight circuit mapped out and have no issues bouncing around like a clown in Zumba or BodyJam. But I dislike the perspiration and red face that follows all these things.

• The doggins, however, are not fans of the YMCA because I come home later in the evenings. So if I plant myself on the couch anytime during the week, I have a dog (or two) attached to me. I’m totally OK with this.

• I had plans to meet up with my former Bosslady for drinks and she ended up with tickets to P!nk from a friend at the last minute. So I went to P!nk last Friday night. We were in the second the last row and behind the stage, but WHAT A SHOW! P!nk is a flipping beast of a woman and it was so cool to see her talk with the audience and even sign a fans cast. Great last minute plans for sure – thanks MB!

• And in two days, I’ll be back at the YUM! Center again. To see Bon Jovi. Again. :)

March 12, 2013 - 8:54 am

katie - I love your instagram mosaics and you may be seeing them on my site soon. :)
i’m dying to know where the “let your freak flag fly” can be found. might need to do some motivational reading today.

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