Baby Reagan {newborn}

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Way back in 2010, the Salyer family was one of the first families I’d photographed.  And their newest little one, Reece, was one of the first newborns.  I had so much fun with Malana and Neil and that bright-eyed, smiling baby boy of their’s.  The idea of meeting Reece’s little sister this fall got me super excited – not only would I get to see the little man that’s become SUCH A CUTIE, but he’d get to introduce to Baby Reagan.

I did hang out with Reece while the ladies were finishing with their blush and headbands.  He showed me his room, his new big bed, he sang the black bird song and I just ate it all up.  So I made sure to take some photos of Reece as well.  Because two-year-olds love to see the pictures you take – and I was happy to show them to him. ;)

Look at those eyes.  Malana’s eyes through and through.

Meeting Baby Reagan… whoa.  I knew when I met Reece he was six weeks and was large.  Reagan, in these photos, is three weeks old.  THREE WEEKS OLD!  Her parents made her a super healthy baby and she’s got some size to those three-week old thighs… but she’s completely darling and alert and just so precious.

And since momma loves those chunky legs…


I absolutely love these in the chair.  The light was perfect and just painted a completely different picture.  And with Reece jumping up next to Malana… well, her smile says it all.  I hope Malana and Neil have a wonderful holiday with their families near and far.  And that everyone gets to hear Reece sing and hold that chunky monkey Reagan.  I send my love.

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December 13, 2012 - 10:11 pm

Stacy - Gorgeous photos of a simply gorgeous family!!

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