Challenger Roll 2011

Welcome to the Challenger Roll!  With several (uh… yeah… several) new folks participating in the WPC {2011 edition}, a new roll was in order.  Many people already have a photo stream on Flickr but some also have personal blogs.  Some even write posts about the photo they share to the group – I happen to really enjoy hearing the story behind the shot.

So while some of the people below have started from the beginning and others will have joined in the middle, they have a lot to share beyond the WPC.

Feel free to click through and please visit as often as you like.  It’s open 24/7.

** The WPC {2011 edition} Flickr Group **

3dogmom29’s flickr

Alden Miranda’s flickrAlden Miranda Photography site

alethea barton’s flickr

Alicia Wright’s flickr

all this useless beauty’s flickrUseless Beauty Designs blog

ammwillis’ flickr

ampedphotography’s flickr

AmyHasBangs’s flickr

amysuda’s flickr

Anamaris’s flickrChef It Yourself blog

Andilynn1’s flickr

André Cid Proença’s flickro meu cantinho blog

Angie Martin’s flickr

Arubaato’s flickr

BeckiD’s flickrBecki Bakes & More blog

beepbeepsean’s flickrbeepbeep. sean! blog

bllparkfrank’s flickrAlex Frank Photography blog

Bobbi Dunn’s flickrBobbi’s PAD blog

CarsonHBM’s flickrCarson Matthews Photography blog

carsonrehn’s flickr

Chaos&BlissPhotography’s flickrChaos and Bliss Photography blog

CheeseMe13’s flickr

chocolatie0’s flickr

Cold Tea Love’s flickrCoffee Tea Love blog

Core unLtd.’s flickrCore unLtd. blog

CraftyCripple’s flickrThe Crafty Cripple blog

cul8trboizzlol’s flickr

Daniel Donet’s flickr

Daniel Dreier’s

DawnW’s flickrRunning at Dawn blog

Denisenfamily’s flickrOnce Upon A Time blog

dhutson2’s flickr

dragonfly4444’s flickr

duffalo’s flickr

Ed Ramsey’s flickr

Eggatha’s flickrUnpublished Opinion blog

ekillmeier’s flickr

elsie821’s flickr

este16’s flickr

estheralva17’s flickr

feebacktv’s flickr

flip_jones’ flickrShout Out Loud blog

geekgirl415’s flickrgeekgirl’s random ramblings blog

gporter1967’s flickr

Hasselbach’s flickrHasselbach Photography blog

It’s Me Jan’s flickr50TwoPhotos blog

jamiesolorio’s flickrjamie-solorio blog

Jason Gouger’s blog

Jason Schindler’s flickrJason Schindler blog

joannova’s flickrFOODalogue blog

JustLeesha’s flickrJust Leesha blog

Kelly Jo’s flickr

kimyjo’s flickrKimyjo’s blog

klubbers’s flickrA Right Gapenest blog

kourtneypaige’s flickr

kristivphoto’s flickrPhotography Tales blog

KyleNY’s flickr

ladybug062676’s flickr

larkin2285’s flickr

lilE_628’s flickr

lishter’s flickr

littlelightbox’s flickr

mafaldafcpb’s flickrÀs Voltas Com A Fotografia blog

MegBB’s flickr

MegMR’s flickrCharlottesville Shenanigans blog

Melanie’s flickrSplendid Sweets blog

melissa_gay’s flickrlive life. addicted. blog

Michael Sullivan’s flickrSullivan Family Photography 365 blog

Michelita16’s flickr

MikeySends’ flickrMikeySends blog

Mile Marker Zero’s flickr

misfitexplorer’s flickr

Missy May’s flickrMissy May Designs tumblr

moontanann’s flickr

MorganRay’s flickr

Mrs. Rev’s flickrlots of gigs blog

Natasha Joyan’s flickr

nordish’s flickr

NPearce’s flickr

olemissdebbie’s flickrMusings by a ND Domer’s Mom blog

PagX’s flickrpaganx blog

Parrothead80’s flickr

peroxided’s flickrPeroxide Designs blog

photosdejr’s flickr

planetunkle’s flickr

rattyree’s flickrRee’s Ramblings blog

rchilly2000’s flickrButterfly Season blog

rebeccavoy’s flickrA Bowerbird’s Nest blog

redskyenterprise’s flickrA Red Sky Photo blog

RiseWithTheSun’s flickrRise with the Sun blog

rosieb89’s flickrBears. Beets. And Battlestar Galactica. blog

slapshot’s flickr

Sherry’s flickr

shoutabyss’ flickrShouts from the Abyss blog

sparkleplenty_fotos’ flickr

ssc97527’s flickr

Sweeter Lemon’s flickrSweeter Lemon blog

The Craft Floozy’s flickrThe Craft Floozy blog

the dSLR newbie’s flickrthe dSLR newbie blog

tlj97526’s flickrI have nothing to talk about blog

thee.mercenary’s flickrAltering Life by Holding it Still blog

thruMacseyes’ flickr

Triforce! Photography blog

troy.burkhart’s flickr

Two and Lu’s flickrOlive Cat blog

Victoria’s flickr6riddles blog

violetlmk’s flickrMommo and Pop’s blog

vivianast.’s flickr

Whitnickle’s flickrWhitnickle blog

YetAnotherLisa’s flickrLisa Noble Photography blog

Zoe Say’s flickrZoe Says blog

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